16 juillet 2013

Commissioning of 2 VLH DN 5000 in the Isola Dovarese plant

MJ2 delivered two VLH DN 5000 in North Eastern Italy for the Isola Dovarese HPP on the Oglio River.

The site configuration has a bypass with a double channel built in the right bank adjacent an existing control structure [ secured by a wall executed with Steel sheet piles].

The VLH’s have a unit power of 464 kW and were delivered in November, assembled on site in two weeks, installed on December 18th, and first synchronization to the grid occurred on December 27 and 28.

The supply schedule was a challenge, with less than 11 months between the signing of the contract and the connection to the grid.

Moreover, it is interesting to consider the innovative bottom draw sluice gates incorporated into these two machines. These sediment sluice gates are integrated in the lower section of the VLH distributor/extraction structure which allows the gates to be fully accessible when the turbines are in maintenance position.

A similar device has been tested on the Montodine plant and has functioned efficiently.