Commissioning of Ala HPP for ENEL

With 2 weeks advance on the contractual schedule, MJ2 Technologies has commissioned the 2 VLH DN 3550 of 400 kW nominal output at the (continue)


6 VLH DN 5000 to be installed in the North East of France for the “Voies Navigable de France

In the frame of the vast program of retrofit of 29 navigation dams on the River Meuse and Ain, 3 of the new weirs (continue)


EDF awards a contract for 4 VLH DN 4000 for “le Rondeau” HPP

EDF awards MJ2 Technologies with the contract for design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of 4 complete VLH sets with all their auxiliaries for the (continue)


VLH at Hydrovision 2013

For the first time, the Sorgent.e group with MJ2 technologies were present together at the most important Hydroelectric congress conference in Northern America, which was held this year (continue)


Commissioning of 2 VLH DN 5000 in the Isola Dovarese plant

MJ2 delivered two VLH DN 5000 in North Eastern Italy for the Isola Dovarese HPP on the Oglio River. The site configuration has a bypass with a double channel (continue)


A second VLH in Millau

By the end of March 2013, a 345 kW VLH DN 5000 has been delivered to the La Glacière site in Millau. It has been commissioned (continue)


Fish passage tests

On November 2012, we started new live fish passage tests through an operating VLH. The new tests were done to a scientific protocol that (continue)