Low Head

VLH is able to operate with very low heads, from 1,5 to 4,5 meters.

Civil work reduction

The use of the VLH turbine allows a sensible reduction of civil works costs. The quantity of concrete is reduced and no external buildings are necessary.

Fish Friendly

Tests executed on eels, salmons, trouts and other species demonstrate unprecedent fish friendliness .

High Efficency

VLH achieves high efficiencies thanks to its modern design including direct driven generators and variable speed.

Environmental Impact

VLH displays submerged turbine and generator. There is no significant environmental impact. The turbine is noiseless and there are no vibrations.

Island Operation Mode

It will be able operate fully automatically, thus without connection to the electrical grid.

Product Standardization

A standard product distributed on different sizes. The price is affordable. Low implementation and delivery schedules.

Wide Range of Heads

Thanks to the permanent magnets generator with variable speed, the VLH turbine allows a very good performance even with wide head variation.